Halloween Themed Zombie Animal Crackers

This Halloween, I wanted to try doing something fun using Glutino’s animal crackers. I’m not sure how much they’ll appreciate my creativity, but this post definitely screams – me. I mean, I love zombies. And zombie-related humor. So, here we go folks. Here’s my ZOMBIE ANIMAL CRACKERS ZOO!


Glutino Animal Crackers

In order to make the zombie animals, I grabbed some Glutino animal crackers in original flavor and some red dye that is labeled gluten free. While I typically like using natural food dyes, they’re typically more wet and lighter in color than what I wanted to achieve. With toothpicks, I applied the dye to the eyes and mouth areas of the animal crackers to create a zombie-like appearance.

Glutino Animal Crackers

And what do zombie zoo animals eat? Well, I guess zombie animals would eat other animals, right? I broke a few animal crackers in two and applied blood to the “open wounds.” I laid the animals flat on top of a brownie and propped up the zombies using toothpicks inserted into the brownie.

Glutino Animal Crackers

Here’s a closer look at the animal crackers. While it may not be The Walking Dead-level of gratuitous blood and violence, it was just enough to make people laugh and enjoy the ghoulish-ness of the season.

Glutino Animal Crackers

Find more information about Glutino Animal Crackers here!

**DISCLAIMER: I am a Glutino blogger. While I was not paid for this post, I do routinely get free product from Glutino to spur creative ideas using Glutino products.**

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