Winter Fancy Foods Show 2016: Best Sauces Spices and Butters

Winter Fancy Foods Show – San Francisco, CA January 2016

I was official press at the Winter Fancy Foods Show 2016 put on by the Specialty Food Association. I posted a ton of photos on Instagram, but in case you missed it, I’m posting my favorite foods in the category of sweets, drinks, and more. To avoid a ton of questions, EACH PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT: SOME PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC AND WILL BE ON A SHELF NEAR YOU SOON. SOME PRODUCTS ARE STILL IN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT AND WON’T BE OUT TO THE PUBLIC FOR MONTHS. SOME MIGHT BE DEVELOPED MORE BEFORE THEY HIT A GROCERY STORE NEAR YOU. This is up to the brand, and I don’t have much detail other than what I post about the product. Please inquire with the individual brand if you have questions. THIS INCLUDES QUESTIONS ABOUT INGREDIENTS – chances are I do not have details about all of the ingredients or manufacturing process yet. When the product is released to the public, you’ll probably see it on my Instagram! Hope this helps inspire you and get excited about the products coming down the pipeline for gluten-free living! Thanks for reading!

WFFS The Spice Hunter at Winter Fancy Foods Show

The Spice Hunter released international-savvy Global Fusion rubs and spices. I took several sample bags of this home and can’t wait to try the whole line. The Spice Hunter has very high certifications in food safety and we talked in length about gluten. I trust this brand for safety.

WFFS Royal Hawaiian Butter
This Macadamia Nut Butter from Royal Hawaiian Orchards tastes just like what you think it would taste like – creamy macadamia nut butter!

WFFS Spicemode Sauces

Spicemode is a small company out of Chicago and these Indian cooking spices/marinades/dipping sauces are so legit. Vegan, gluten-free, no fillers and no preservatives. So yum.

WFFS Miyokos Vegan Butter

I have not tried this yet since it was being served on gluten and I didn’t want to get sick at the show from cross contamination. However, Miyoko’s is an amazing company and I’m so excited about anything they launch.

WFFS Hatch Chile Co. Sauces

I was introduced to Hatch from Gluten Free & More magazine. I received product samples of their certified gluten-free enchilada sauce. This stuff is amazing. This year they’re launching fajita cooking sauce and green chile cooking sauce. Can’t wait to get my hands on samples!

WFFS Engage Organics

I met Engage Organics at Expo West a few years ago. I really like all of their salt-free blends. I’ve been using the all-purpose and lemon pepper for roasted hen and it’s so tasty. The spices are all certified gluten-free.

WFFS Duck Fat from Epic

Hey paleo followers, you’re going to go nuts over Epic’s new fat line. Yes, you can now cook with pig lard and cage-free duck fat.

Color Kitchen Easter Egg Dyes

Ready for Easter? You will be with Color Kitchen’s natural dyes. I love their stuff – been using it since I received samples for Gluten Free & More magazine. This should be an easier way to dye your eggs naturally without having to source natural dyes yourself.

Big Tree Farms Coconut Aminos at Winter Fancy Foods Show

You might be familiar with Big Tree Farms from their coconut nectar and coconut sugar. I’ve been cooking with it for years. This year they launched coco aminos – soy-free coconut nectar based aminos as a sauce. I have a feeling this will be a huge launch.

Back to the Roots Garden in a Can at Winter Fancy Foods Show

Want to grow your own spices? Get a Garden-In-A-Can from Back to the Roots. I received a free one from them when they sponsored BlogHer Food in Chicago. And yes, it’s actually growing! I haven’t killed it – yet…

Other’s to watch out for:

  • CONVENIENCE: Daregal frozen certified gluten-free herbs in resealable containers, and Tasty Bite new rice sides and Thai spice pouches (contains nuts and milk) that all you have to do is microwave
  • HUMMUS RULES: Hope Foods and Eat Well Embrace Life “The Other Bean” hummus in beet flavor (beets are so hot right now)
  • FERMENT ALL THE THINGS: Kimchi appeared as a hot trend and still hasn’t died. Good thing because fermented foods are the new “it” way to get your prebiotics and probiotics. Genuine Grub was a small vendor at the show with their new flavors and creations using things like radishes and apples a fermenting agent.

Want to win samples from the show floor? Just follow the instructions and terms & conditions in the Rafflecopter below in order to gain entries into the sweepstakes!

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  1. Melissa Lawler January 22, 2016 at 2:41 pm Reply

    The Royal Hawaiian Macadamia nut butter sounds perfect for a house full of nut allergies!

  2. June Brown January 22, 2016 at 3:38 pm Reply

    Thanks for the review of products from the show. The jars from the Spice Hunter’s collection are pretty enough to buy even if I don’t need the spices. 🙂

  3. Caitlin A. January 23, 2016 at 11:25 am Reply

    The launch of Big Tree Farms coconut aminos (I love all their other products) so this has me excited!

  4. Christina S January 25, 2016 at 12:58 pm Reply

    I am looking forward to the Tigernut Milk Horchata. I am a HUGE horchata lover and this is very intriguing to me !!

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