DIY Mouthwash Recipe: Naturally Gluten Free Mouthwash

I never really think about mouthwash until I’m traveling and forget it. Then, only then, are you out at a restaurant or event, you feel that garlic creep up from the night before. Or what about that morning breath? Yikes. I’ve used plenty of different mouthwash varieties, but here are my top picks, including a DIY naturally gluten-free mouthwash from our friends at Delicious Living.


Closys is a labeled gluten-free product – and one that I trust to keep my mouth healthy. When introduced into the mouth, the Cloralstan® solution is naturally activated by the amino acids in saliva, creating a small and very safe amount of chlorine dioxide. So it might sound scary, but it’s not – and it works without foaming agents, alcohol, or triclosan! They make toothpaste (fluoride and fluoride free), mouthwash, and breath spray. A long long time ago, they were my clients for a hot minute at the ad agency I used to work for. That was approximately one trillion years ago and I’ve been buying their product on and off ever since. I suffer from aphthous ulcers due to celiac and a low immune system. This product is SLS-free and alcohol-free and I honestly think the mouthwash helps promote healing of the open sores. Click on the image to purchase on their site, or purchase on my Amazon Affiliate link HERE.



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Jason already has a mouthwash that has tea tree oil in it! If you’re not a Pinterest junkie, you can just buy this natural mouthwash! Granted, this one has a lot more ingredients (like glycerine, witch hazel, and more), comes concentrated – and is also not for the faint of heart (or tastebuds). Also, you’ve got to really like clove and cinnamon to dig this. If you shop on Amazon, use my Affiliate Link HERE.


Want to make super cheap mouthwash from ingredients you probably already have? Wake up to extra-fresh breath using four simple, natural ingredients in this DIY mouthwash—including tea tree and peppermint essential oils. I use Doterra essential oils! Sometimes, I even use On Guard (which can be a bit intense – but makes me feel super refreshed!). Check out the full details HERE on Delicious Living.

DIY Mouthwash
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