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Today we’re talking about “Food Swap” – a new book by Emily Paster all about well…food swapping. However, back when I met Emily the author, I actually was quite unfamiliar with food swaps.  I first heard about food swapping from Emily herself when she was discussing her swaps in the Chicago area. We initially connected at IFBC in Seattle, with a group of amazing food bloggers. I just think she’s swell! I mean, who else would pose in a photobooth with me with props that wasn’t awesome? So, if an awesome lady is so passionately involved in something, I just had to learn more. Luckily, she just wrote a book about it, so everyone else could learn about food swapping too! But more on her book later – let’s talk about food – and then swapping some!

IFBC Seattle 2015

I really got to know food swapping when I participated in one myself. The Eat Write Retreat food conference is put on by Kitchen Play. The conference is all about growing as a food blogger. However, there are also pretty fun activities about food – like the food swap!

We started out the day with a presentation by the Central OC (Orange County) Food Swap. We discussed the basic rules of food swapping and how to start one in your own area. Don’t worry, you can learn all of this and more in Emily Paster’s book “Food Swap” but more on this later.

Eat Write Retreat Food Swap

I made some gluten-free vegan garbanzo bean flour crackers made with nutritional yeast. I didn’t know what else to make for the food swap, but I wanted to make something that I could eat if no one swapped with me and I could eat them all on my own. However, people did swap with me – I was so surprised!

Eat Write Retreat Food Swap

There were so many awesome things in the food swap. And keep in mind, it’s not always just prepared food! There’s cookies, yes, but there’s also jam, fruit and veggies fresh from the farm, and products like the sugar scrub and bath soak below!

Eat Write Retreat Food Swap

Eat Write Retreat Food Swap Eat Write Retreat Food Swap Eat Write Retreat Food Swap Eat Write Retreat Food Swap

Isn’t that fun? I really hope that you can participate in a Food Swap in your area! If you’re interested in participating in one, you’ll definitely need to pick up “Food Swap” book by Emily Paster for only $19.95 retail. Feel free to purchase from my Amazon Affiliate link HERE: on sale! You’ll learn all about having, and participating in, a successful food swap.

Food Swap Emily Paster

There are also a ton of recipes in this book, and many are naturally gluten free. The recipes are organized by: candies and confections, baked goods, dairy and eggs, soups, dips, sauces, and condiments, granola and nuts, syrups and infusions, seasonings, spices, and preserves, and preserved fruits and vegetables. This is definitely a great book to buy for someone for the holidays too!

Definitely check out Food Swap by Emily Paster on Storey Publishing and think about hosting a food swap in your area!

**DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of the book to review for free, however, Emily is my friend so I’m totally already biased because I think she’s pretty cool.**

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  1. Emily July 19, 2016 at 6:48 pm Reply

    Erica, that review is so nice, I can’t even be mad that you posted that goofy photo of us. You are awesome and I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you for sharing your take on food swapping.

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