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Summer is upon us. We already have had several record-breaking heat waves in Arizona and it just turned July. Even though it’s skin-melting temperatures outside, I’m still working out and working on my body – but more likely in air conditioned studios and gyms this time of year.

I’m at Pure Barre 4-5 times a week. Remember when I was even featured on their blog? I love Pure Barre, even though I hated it at first. The small movements keep me from overdoing it and hyperextending anything. Although I still have to be careful during every move and every class – I really do think it’s helped me with my condition. My chiropractor has to help reset my hips less and less because I’m building up the muscles to keep them in. Even though my knee is in intense pain when I work on my quads, helping them stay strong during each class helps me hold my patella in place. My ankles are stronger now than ever, even after that traumatic dislocation a few years ago. I love it. Even though I don’t have what the magazines call a “summer body” – screw them, my body is tank top ready for 120 degrees!

Summer Snacks 2015: Pure Barre

I also need to fuel up for the summer. This includes keeping hydrated (especially if I have to go in for any blood work during the summer, or do anything outside), keeping full with high protein (plant or animal based), and staying the hell out of the sun.

1. Adequate hydration

I receive samples of the newest products from Hydro Flask thanks to their PR agency. I never tried them before they shipped me my first one and I am hooked. They’ve been featured in my column with Gluten Free & More several times now, including my favorite – the wide mouth flip top stainless steel water bottle! I recently started taking their food flasks with me when I travel, so I can take fresh or frozen fruit and veggies with me.


2. High protein before + after workouts

Bob’s Red Mill new protein powders are packed with about 20 grams of protein per serving. That’s a huge amount of protein, great for after workouts or a meal replacement. I just wrote about them here, through a sponsored post with SweatPink & Fit Approach!

Bob's Red Mill Protein Powder Nutritional Booster

I also don’t travel without pre-made Orgain vegan protein shakes. These are easy to take while I’m on my summer travels or when i need a quick shake! I use the vegan ones, but the whey-based shakes contain more protein.

Orgain at Shift Con

We also started subscribing to our local CSA box from Crooked Sky Farms, so we can get a ton of fresh produce this summer from a local farm. While we do get the standards like onions and potatoes, we often new produce each week that we have to google to figure out what it is. Not only does this subscription help us eat better, but we’re learning a lot about what Arizona can produce, even in the hottest months. Also, I got a watermelon! I don’t know why I find this so exciting, because you can get it at literally every store on the planet, but this one was grown in Arizona and reserved just for me and my CSA box. I’m saving it up for something good, like a BBQ or one of those vodka watermelon kegs I keep seeing on Pinterest.

3. Sun Safety

While I try NOT to go out in the sun (seriously, I avoid it at all costs because my skin is transparent), if I do, I always use protection. If you’re looking for a good, nasty-ingredient-free brand, try Goddess Garden products. Here’s what I have, but they recently redid their branding, so look for the newest packing when you purchase them (these older labeled products expire this month so I plan on buying more).

Goddess Gardens Gluten-Free Sunscreen

Goddess Garden image from

NEW PACKAGING: Goddess Garden image from

I first met them at ShiftCon years ago and fell in love with their superior product. You can purchase from my affiliate link on Amazon here. And like all sunscreen, make sure you reapply regularly!

How are you staying fit and active this summer?


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  1. Brianna Hobbs July 5, 2016 at 12:49 pm Reply

    I need those food flasks! Traveling with safe food can be so tricky.

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