#HealthyMeetsHappy for Stray Cats with Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Cat Food

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Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Cat Food at PetSmart
Hopefully by now you’re familiar with Wellness® Complete Health™ line of dry and canned cat foods available at PetSmart®. We talked about this last month and I shared how much my furbabies, Mushu and Murphy, liked their new reformulated, carrageenan-free products. I received a gift card to PetSmart to purchase this new grain-free gluten-free cat food and got to explore their newest grain-free products. Since the last post, I’ve even purchased more from the Wellness® Complete Health™ line of products, and their CORE grain-free line – but we will be focusing on the Wellness Complete Health line today.

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Cat Food at PetSmart
On top of my two fur kids, it seems we have adopted three other kids along the way. At our old house, there was a very large stray cat colony. They mostly stayed away from our place, and never begged for food. For the first year here, we didn’t have any strays around. We managed to have a giant rat, several squirrels, a caterpillar epidemic, and a baby raccoon – but no strays. In our third year here, we’ve managed to have three strays that are now constant visitors at our door. They must have sniffed out our love for cats and how guilty we feel about not adopting 10,000 needy cats. It doesn’t matter how much I donate to the humane society or local independent shelters, I still cry at every stupid commercial about cats and dogs in shelters. So of course, when three needy cats came to our door, I extended our grain-free, gluten-free cat food to them without hesitation, even though it’s definitely not cheap food. Our neighbors fed them really terrible food, cat food I wouldn’t even allow in my house. These cats were going to be fed, and fed well.

Celiac and the Beast Stray Cat
Simon is a very shy, very skittish tabby. Frank is a giant cat with a small, timid voice that does not match his huge body. Gargamel is a tiny, but mighty, tabby stray who is the most domesticated of the three. While Frank will let me pet him, he has snapped at my partner, almost biting his hand. Gargamel just wants to be loved. He wants someone to adopt him into his home. He’s actually snuck into our house twice now. And yes if our cats would let us, we’d keep him. Our fur kids, siblings, have lived far too long as a duo, and adding a third makes them behave very badly and act out – with poop. It’s not a good thing. Needless to say, we’re keeping all of these children outside, but we’ll keep feeding them the same high-quality food we feed our indoor children.

Gargamel Wellness

While we can’t care for the cats the same that we would as our own, should anything bad happen to one of our strays, we wouldn’t hesitate to take it to our own vet. While the cat colonies are prevalent in Phoenix, and these three seem healthy and taken care of, especially with their food, I’m torn on if a TNR is appropriate for our colony. We could probably trap Gargamel, but I doubt we could ever get Frank or Simon. I’ve been pouring over neighborhood boards about TNR and recommendations. Should they be taken in afterwards as pets? Should they be left in the neighborhood? I honestly haven’t dealt with this before. I just want these cats to be cared for – even if they’re living outdoors. I’d be open to hear any suggestions on how you deal with your local cat colonies and strays near you.

Regardless of the type of cat, I’m happy feeding them high-quality food like Wellness® Complete Health and Complete Health Grain-Free line. I’ll continue feeding any cat that calls my name! You can visit PetSmart® to check out and purchase your cat’s favorite Wellness® Complete Health and Complete Health Grain-Free (Gluten-Free) options. In case you’re interested, you can learn about how to use Terracycle to recycle Wellness plastic cat food bags via mail.

While you’re on the interwebs, head over to Wellness’ Instagram page and give them a follow. If you’re looking for more photos of our strays, or Murphy and Mushu, you can follow Terrible Murph on Instagram.

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Cat Food at PetSmart

I’d like to thank BlogPaws, PetSmart and Wellness for having me as a blogger. I’m so excited I get to feed my cats such high-quality food and put a little money in the just-in-case vet piggy bank through your sponsorship!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wellness®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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