Pure Barre, prAna, and Hemp History Week

There are two main reasons why I love and support prAna – their commitment to sustainability and style. So when I had an opportunity to partner with Mambo Sprouts on a sponsored promotion with prAna – I had to say yes. Especially because with barre 3-5 days a week, I always need new workout wear and athleisure clothing for around the house.

prAna and Mambo Sprouts Sponsored Review
I received two products from prAna – the Annexi Pant and Mika Strappy Top – and it looks like I chose completely right! I’d love to be able to share these two pieces of workout wear with you. I received these products free of charge for an honest review of the products.

The Mika Strappy Top made it through a barre class without a mishap – and I can’t say that for other tops I’ve used in barre class. Believe me, when you’re in an inverted position in yoga or barre, you definitely want something that can strap your ladies in for the whole hour!

The back side of prAna Mika Strappy Top
This top retails retail for $59.00. I purchased an XL for the bra sizing – that’s the only sizing you’ll need because the rest of the top if a sheer(ish) flowy top, nothing binding. While it’s sheer(ish), it wasn’t overly offensive to anyone in the class.

Front details prAna Mika Strappy Top
Love the way that supported me during class but also looked awesome from the front and the back!

prAna Mika Strappy Top at Pure Barre
Let’s check out the prAna Annexi pants I ordered. They’re made with recycled polyester, hemp, and organic cotton. They retail for $85.00 – and completely worth it.

Front details prAna Annexi pant
The recycled polyester used in pants like these from prAna can come from recycled polyester post consumer plastic (PET) water and soda bottles, or pre-consumer waste. Using recycled polyester cuts down on any chemicals or energy used in the initial plastic processing.

It’s awesome that I get to post about these pants today, as it’s Hemp History Week and these incredible pants use hemp fabric! Huge natural industry brands like Dr. Bronner’s, Manitoba Harvest, Tempt, Nutiva, and too-numerous-to-list bath and beauty products brands. Hemp is an versatile crop with so many benefits, and unfortunately it has a bad rap that is totally unwarranted. Learn more about hemp fabric on prAna’s hemp fact sheet.

Why is hemp so great to use in clothing and other household goods?

  • Hemp does not require chemical pesticides or fertilizers
  • Hemp is a drought resistant plant
  • Hemp fabric is lightweight, breathable, ashes well, and it doesn’t wrinkle as much as linen does

But even without considering the awesome material it’s made from, these pants are extraordinary. Mostly for this stretchy band in the back. It’s like backwards maternity pants (for my gluten-free donut baby/babies)! They’re some of the most comfortable athleisure pants I own!

Back details of prAna Annexi pant

The color is perfect, matches just about anything and everything. I ordered a size medium and it fit like a glove. While linen makes me itch like crazy, this fabric – hemp, organic cotton, and recycled polyester – was perfect for my sensitive skin. These pants can be dressed up and dressed down depending on what you’re pairing it with.

prAna Annexi pant
Thanks again to prAna for the great new outfit! I love wearing the top to barre class, and the pants to – well, anywhere! Thanks to Mambo Sprouts for the great opportunity to work with an excellent brand.

prAna Mika Strappy Top at Pure Barre after class
I hope you get a chance to check out prAna using the discount code at the end of this post. Keep in mind that if you don’t love what you buy at prAna, you may return it for a full refund, credit, or exchange thanks to their superior return policy. For next 30 days, use the code “MSS17CB” for 15% off your prAna purchase! Namaste and barre on, y’all! 

**Disclaimer: As noted in the post, this was sponsored by Mambo Sprouts and prAna**

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    Looks so stretchy and comfy! Cute!

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