Portland’s Andina Restaurant with #GFBloggerRetreat

This dinner at Andina was sponsored by the great people at Mediavine! If you’re a blogger, definitely check out Mediavine – the publisher ad network. We can’t thank Mediavine enough for this dinner at the beautiful Andina restaurant in Portland, OR during #GFBloggerRetreat!

Andina Restaurant Portland Oregon #GFBloggerRetreat
Andina has an entire (very large) gluten-free menu, and a separate vegan/vegetarian menu. Like you have to do at Disney properties, you have to cross-reference the menus to see what will fit your gluten-free and dairy-free needs. If you can do dairy, this restaurant is for you. They love butter and cheese on this menu. I love what I ordered, but if I could do dairy, I could have ordered most of the gluten-free menu.

Andina Restaurant Portland Oregon #GFBloggerRetreat
I had the duck and yuca fries – which are both dairy-free (or can be made dairy-free). It was delicious! That sauce on the duck was so tasty. I already had duck at Ground Breaker Brewing a few nights before, but both of the duck dishes were prepared so differently. Apparently I really like duck, and thankfully – so does my stomach.

I was so surprised at the amount of things on the menu that are gluten-free. With a group of 10 gluten-free people, we all managed to have something a little different.

Even the vegan diners were able to have something tasty. And the meat-eaters, like Brianna, were satisfied too!

Just beautiful plates, perfect for any diner.

Andina Restaurant Portland Oregon #GFBloggerRetreat
Andina came highly recommended by local Portland gluten-free eaters. It was an expensive place, for sure, but it was beautifully plated and delicious. Everyone loved their meals. I recommend that you get reservations, especially for larger parties. Note that this restaurant gets very noisy and there are a limited number of ladies’ restroom stalls. You know I love my ample availability of restrooms, so that was a little disappointing.

Not pictured was the beautiful vegan, GF sorbet that I highly recommend. The sorbet rotates seasonal flavors. Also not pictured is the ceviche. I always get a little freaked out when I see tentacles in ceviche (I can only do those fried), but daaaaaaang that ceviche was just delicious. There were so many “eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-your-skull-in-culinary-ecstacy” moments at Andina. I would definitely recommend the appetizers and entrees that we ordered. I would love to go back to Andina next time I’m in Portland to explore the menu more.

Thanks again to Mediavine for this sponsored meal and being a sponsor of the #GFBloggerRetreat! I know so many of us wouldn’t be where we are without your help!


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