HELP! Planning a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Is anyone else freaking out that Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK? I went to the store this weekend and I wondered why it was so nuts. And then I realized…dear God, Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK. HELP I’m planning a gluten-free Thanksgiving and I have NOTHING READY! I put together a ton of links that will help you out, from the main meal to dessert. Hopefully, this helps you as much as it is going to help me!


Yes, we all need to understand how to work with friends and family this Thanksgiving. There will probably be jokes made at your expense. There will probably be people offering unsafe people. There will probably be at least one person that says, “oh just having a bite won’t hurt.” Learn how to navigate this and other challenges.


I put together a piece for Gluten Free & More magazine called Holiday Hotspots – where gluten can be hiding in your holiday meal. You might want to print this out or email your Thanksgiving host or hostess right now!


Some of our favorite Gluten Free & More Thanksgiving recipes! READ THIS:

Gluten Free & More Thanksgiving Round-up!

On Celiac and the Beast-ies (our private Facebook group – JOIN NOW BY CLICKING THIS) we’ve been talking about spatchcocking a turkey to cook it easier for Thanksgiving. Check it out here:

“Help me, I’m trying to cook paleo on top of gluten-free. Is this possible?” Yes, yes it is! Check out this Gluten Free & More magazine article about cooking paleo! READ THIS:

Gluten-Free Paleo Thanksgiving

Looking for the best cornbread mixes? I tried before you buy! The best of the best are HERE:


Want a pre-made pie for your table? Good thing someone you know has tasted over 60 gluten-free pies (hint: it was me!) and has found the absolute best for you all! Featured in Gluten Free & More Magazine. READ THIS:

I highly recommend you heading to Whole Foods (if you’re on the west coast) and getting Raised Gluten Free pies, available both in the bakery section and the frozen gluten-free pie area. If all else fails, you can probably find Katz gluten-free pies if you don’t feel like making them yourself.

Want to make the most beautiful pies? Check out Chrystal Carver (of GF Palate) and her incredible (tasting and looking) pies featured in Gluten Free & More Magazine. READ THIS:

Pumpkin Butterscotch Pie:

Pumpkin Bananas Foster using Schar Bread:

Morning Cinnamon Biscuits from Gluten Free & More Magazine:

SCARED ABOUT TIMING? Maybe you should be! Don’t do everything on Turkey Day – spread it out starting TODAY! READ THIS:

Countdown to ThanksgivingWHEN to start prepping and cooking WHAT

NEED MORE HELP? Read two of the best magazines out there right now for Gluten-Free Thanksgiving – the Gluten Free & More magazine Dec/Jan 2017/2018 issue (featuring pies) and our Gluten Free & More Holiday Guide (available to download online).

Dec Jan 2017 2018 Gluten Free and More

Holidays 2017

Hopefully these helped you plan a gluten-free Thanksgiving! There are so many amazing gluten-free brands and bloggers helping you out this Thanksgiving, so help is only one Google search away!

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