Canyon Bakehouse Stay-Fresh Packaging

I’m pretty excited about Canyon Bakehouse‘s brand new innovation, their STAY-FRESH packaging! Their bread and bagels will stay fresh in this packaging 90 days from when it was packaged in their bakery! And I have a chance to try it out, since I received it at least 30 days ago – and have not put it in the freezer or refrigerator – and I’m enjoying a toasted bagel!

Once opened, it stays fresh on your counter for 3-5 days, like normal bread. However, the innovation is that it does not need to be frozen once purchased. I’m sure we’ve all run out of freezer space before and thought “guess we have to eat all this bread ASAP!” I’ve actually thrown away a loaf of bread from the freezer because I had no room – SHAME SHAME SHAME! This packaging allows the bread to be shelf-stable and hanging out in your pantry, saving precious freezer space for say – frozen gluten-free pizzas, pies, donuts, or bulk Costco purchases you regret.

Right now, you can purchase Canyon Bakehouse Ancient Grain, Country White, and Deli White bagels in this innovative packaging.

I’m excited about this packaging for everyone in the gluten-free community, as it grows from the Walmart shelves to more grocery stores nationwide in 2018. Hopefully more of the community can have access to this brand due to it’s new shelf stability!

Canyon Bakehouse Stay-Fresh Packaging
Look for Stay-Fresh Packaging from Canyon Bakehouse at Walmart, and at more retailers in 2018, and able to purchase on Canyon Bakehouse online soon!

Canyon Bakehouse is a sponsor of Celiac and the Beast and I receive payment and free product from this brand, however, my opinions are my own and so are the 10 extra lbs. I have on me from eating so much of their bread. 

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