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Today we’re talking about Green Enough, a new book from Leah Segedie. You might know Leah Segedie by name. Or at least by her photo. She’s that bubbly red head that you see me with at the natural products shows or her social media conference for “green” bloggers – ShiftCon. Ahhh, now it’s starting to sound familiar – right?

ShiftCon 2018

ShiftCon 2016 New Orleans

I'm a ShiftCon Shifter!

You’ve seen me write about ShiftCon since it started 4 years ago (just look at how my hair has changed since the first one!) – and I’ve been every year, even the one in New Orleans where I could only eat shrimp and potatoes for 4 days. Not my finest moment, but a great conference filled with brands that fit my needs exactly. See, Leah is often gluten-free herself, and really understands what it’s like for those of us living with celiac and food allergies. In fact, her full conference this year was gluten-free. So yeah, I think she’s pretty great.

Leah Segedie Green Enough

Yanked from Leah’s Instagram

However, we don’t always agree on some things. But she’s all about embracing every person on the spectrum of green. From someone like to me, to the ladies who march against Monsanto and steam their vaginas (yes, it’s a very popular thing that I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to doing). While we both wear natural deodorant and we’re pretty much hippies so we ultimately get along even if some of our views don’t line up.

And that’s what Green Enough is all about. It’s about finding ways to eat better, live cleaner, and be happier without alienating your friends, family, or stress yourself out so you can’t even enjoy life any more – natural deodorant or not. It’s about finding small changes to make big changes overall.

But let’s get real. There’s a lot of terrible shit out there in the world. There’s a lot of cheap products pumped full of crap that none of us should be using. While there may be some food or bath and beauty products that are gluten-free, maybe there’s not free of all the things you should look for. This is about taking it to the next level.

Green Enough

While I’m not asking you to be like a certain (ahem…) “babe” and dismiss everything as “oh no it’s cheeeeeeemicaaaaaaaaals” I think we all need to take a closer look at what we purchase and what it’s really made out of. While the government may have items that are GRAS (generally recognized as safe), I’ve learned that the government isn’t always right. After all, I was put on black boxed FDA medication that could lead to permanent side effects and another medication was not approved by the FDA (for competitive issues) and I had to order from a shady online pharmacy. So, while I’m not a tinfoil hat wearing monster who protests everything the government says is safe, I’m saying just to take a second look at things. While I’m not anti-GMOs, I think that there’s a lot to learn about how the microbiome might be disturbed by certain pesticides that are used in non-organic crops.

I particularly loved the Greener Grooming and Room by Room chapters, as my home is full of these “natural” products – mostly for my health. I’m sensitive to fragrances and harsh chemicals so my cleaning products are fragrance free and as natural as possible with efficacy. My laundry detergent cannot be mainstream, I get rashes. I have to use natural, fragrance free detergent from brands like Molly’s Suds. My underwear even has to be washed separately – I’m the coolest. Every lotion or facial beauty product (including wash, masks, or makeup) has to be tested or I might break out in a rash. I have to test any perfume and see if I break out or have an allergy attack. I have to keep Benadryl and steroids on hand. I live this every day, so I understand people who are like this, because I am one of them.

Molly's Suds

There’s a great section about detoxing the kitchen – including cans and plastic. We’ve been doing without plastic for a while in our house and love using glass bowls and mason jars to store things. While I try to avoid plastic water bottles at all cost, I do what I can while on the road. However, one thing Leah will not change in my house, even after reading this book – is my Le Creuset. You can take my non-stick Le Creuset pan from my cold dead hands, sister.

And if you like my style of writing, you’ll be sure to enjoy Leah’s, as “asshat” and “shitstorm” are A+ on my list.

So buy Green Enough by Leah Segedie and learn how to take small steps for a healthier, greener you – without losing your shit. 

I was provided a complimentary copy of Green Enough for review. 

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