International Home and Housewares Show: Best of Cookware and Bakeware

IHHS 2018 Top Finds Celiac and the Beast

I love the International Home and Housewares Show every year. They have the best new kitchen gadgets, home products, bath products, and generally everything you’re about to see in the next few years coming to Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, and even Bed Bath & Beyond. This is where trends are made and deals are laid. This is the place to be every year in Chicago.

For this post, I’d like to talk about what I found for COOKWARE AND BAKEWARE at the 2018 International Home and Housewares Show.

Le Creuset

IHHS 18 Le Creuset Sorbet

The new Le Creuset sorbet collection is super adorable. I can’t wait for you to score this set of fun pastel colors, perfect for summer and ice cream. The ice cream bowls and spoons are my favorite, but you can also buy the cocottes or mugs in the same rainbow of spring colors. Find these this summer!

IHHS 18 Le Creuset Provence

“Colors of the Year” are a huge thing in cookware and bakeware. While Fiesta is probably the brand best known for yearly colors, even huge brands like KitchenAid is playing along. Le Creuset has many colors they launch each season, some exclusive to retailers, and some store-wide. This color, a softer version of Pantone’s Color of the Year – Ultra Violet – is available at all of their stores now. Provence, a muted purple, is the color of lavender fields in France (check out the lavender themed piece in the back). It’s beautiful, of course it’s beautiful – it’s Le Creuset. You can purchase these online now or at a Le Creuset store near you.

IHHS18 Le Creuset Disney

I love the Le Creuset Disney collections. I am still waiting to get my Beauty and the Beast soup pot (but can’t bring myself to buy something for $300 because I really don’t like soup that much). These new mouse ear ramekins are affordable splurges at $50 for the set. You can purchase these online now or at a Le Creuset store near you.

IHHS Ballarini ServInTavola

At first, I thought these adorable pieces were props. However, these new products – from dutch oven to sauce pan are meant to be small. They’re meant to be individual portions to take from the stovetop to the table for a fancy dinner service that actually requires LESS dishwashing and mess – how about that?!!  The Ballarini Servintavola collection is from the same parent company that creates Staub. And you probably can guess how in love I am with Staub. These chef-quality pans about $19.99-$25.99 each, but you’ll want to get at least two, or four or all of them because they’re so dang cute.


IHHS Cuisinart Mineral Collection

The new Cusinart Mineral Collection is another stainless steel collection launched this year. Is there anything special about it? Not really, but I thought they were really pretty new pieces from Cuisinart – and affordable too at $39.99-$49.99 per piece. It will definitely make an impression for a reasonable price at your next dinner party.


IHHS NordicWare Naturals Baking Sheets

I love Cook’s Illustrated even though I am so far from even calling myself a home cook. I’d consider myself more of a “huuzah you didn’t light the kitchen on fire today” chef. But I love reading every issue and I trust their product reviews. When I saw that Nordic Ware received nods for best rimmed baking sheets, it caught my attention. I definitely need to invest in a new set and these might be on my list!

IHHS Nordic Ware Haunted Cake Pans

At Nordic Ware I also found some funky new Halloween cake pans that are right up my alley. My gothic skull-loving alley.The new haunted mansion and tombstone cake pans are awesome, and of course the skull ones are my favorite find from last year too.

Meyer Corporation

IHHS Ayesha Curry Meyer Collection

I’d be amidst if I didn’t also note about Ayesha Curry’s new collection of bakeware that’s sure to be a reasonable price (it’s available at Amazon, Target, JC Penny and Walmart) and all comes with her signature heart. Even the dutch ovens come with a heart knob! Affordable bakeware and cookware that’s accessible too!

I still have more finds from the 2018 International Home and Housewares Show! There are so many gadgets and gizmos that I saw that I know you’ll just love – from air fryers to Instant Pots! Stay tuned to Celiac and the Beast for more from the International Home and Housewares Show floor!

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