Celiac Disease Foundation and Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2018

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

This Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Celiac Disease Foundation launched the RAISE IT. GIVE IT. GET IT. Campaign.


You can get some Udi’s and Glutino noms in return for your awesome non-profit donation! Now, do we NEED pretzels in return for being an awesome human, no. Are pretzels awesome? Yes. For those of you who are yelling at me through the computer “BUT PRETZELS ARE JUNK FOOD,” don’t be a jerk. Just give you dollars and don’t get pretzels in return. MORE FOR ME.

The Foundation

I love the Celiac Disease Foundation and give back to this non-profit each year.

Why do I love CDF? Here are some amazing links in their websites that show off the great content they have that’s a MUST READ for those with celiac disease.

Find a Celiac Friendly Healthcare Practitioner 

Get Involved in Legislative Actions – in legislation for celiac disease

iCure Celiac – their celiac disease research platform

Future Therapies for Celiac

Clinical Trials Finder – for celiac disease

I also attend their yearly research conference and gluten-free expo. If you get a chance to attend this event in Pasadena every year, I strongly suggest it!If you want to follow along with the event this weekend, follow #CDFExpo on Instagram and Twitter!

Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Expo 2018

Image belongs to Celiac Disease Foundation

Donate to The Foundation this year for Celiac Disease Awareness month.

A portion of my blogger revenue from Celiac Disease Awareness Month will go to Celiac Disease Foundation.

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