Shareable Graphics for #CDAM18 Celiac Disease Awareness Month

I know that sharable graphics are often how we get out point across on social media. This celiac disease awareness month, maybe it’s time for YOU to start sharing!

Feel free to share all of these graphics to increase awareness, just please share that they are from Celiac and the Beast! Thank you for your support this #CDAM18, Celiac Disease Awareness Month!

Would you rather share information instead of infographics? These are great blog posts that are super helpful to share!


GF 101 Cross Contamination on a Gluten Free Diet #CDAM18

1 in 4 
patients had no follow-up care in 5 years after a celiac disease diagnosis!

Pharmaceutical Interventions for the Gluten Free Diet for Celiac Disease

Gluten-Free Beer - What is Safe For Celiac?


GF 101: Celiac is A Life Long Medically Necessary Diet

Do you like how I roll for Celiac Disease Awareness Month every year? Make sure you follow Celiac and the Beast throughout the WHOLE YEAR for more truth bombs and awesome products that help you live your gluten-free life easier and tastier!

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