Celiac and the Beast on the Travel Gluten Free Podcast

I recently had a chance to be a part of the Travel Gluten Free podcast!

I met Eliquite (e-lick-qwa-ty), the host of Travel Gluten Free, at the Salt Lake City My Gluten Free World Expo and was excited to eventually be a part of her podcast. We sat down in Glendale, AZ at the GFAF Expo and chatted for a really long time about life with celiac disease – and more – a WHOLE lot more.

Things I chat about (and minute marking):

Disney dining (around 4:30)

Gastroparesis and other health issues – journey to getting diagnosed (6:00)

Why I wrote my book (8:00)

Why my mom isn’t tested for celiac (9:00)

Facebook groups (9:45)

Issues with misdiagnosis with doctors (10:00)

Why I started my blog (11:00)

Gluten free isn’t a fad (12:30)

The Nima Sensor (16:30)

My amazing gluten-free wedding (18:00) – shout out to Kim and Mark!

I love carbs (19:00)

Myth busting (25:00)

What I do to give back to the GF community (28:00)

“All the other diseases get a drug, why can’t we?” (29:00)

More about my book (35:00)

Food bullying (37:00)

Dating (38:00)

Traveling (40:00)


Take a listen to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast! You can subscribe on iTunes podcast (or anywhere else where you subscribe to podcasts).

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