Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles – It’s Gluten Free and Vegan

I recently took a <24 hour flight to Los Angeles for a GFF Magazine event in West Hollywood area. I landed at LAX and got a rental car, because I knew I’d be driving all over Los Angeles visiting different gluten-free bakeries and restaurants. My first stop was a vegan gluten-free bakery that I had never visited before. Rising Hearts Bakery is located in Culver City, California. If you’re flying into LAX, you should definitely make this trip to Rising Hearts Bakery.

Rising Hearts Bakery  Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles

Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles


Rising Hearts Bakery is a dedicated gluten-free bakery that is free from dairy and eggs. I LOVED being able to choose anything and know that it was safe for me to eat. Their molasses cookies were great – so great that Im glad I bought a bag and took it home with me. The bread products looked amazing – and if I had two suitcases instead of one, I would have brought some home with me. Baguettes, brioche – they seemed to have it all – although they typically sell out of their frozen bread products very quickly. You can get excited about their baked goods daily by following their Instagram.

Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles


You can’t just sit and enjoy the food inside the store. The store front is incredibly small, not even room enough for a table and chairs. There’s not even a bathroom.

Apparently they make gluten-free vegan bread for most of Los Angeles. I was told that if I ordered GF/vegan bread anywhere in LA, it was probably from Rising Hearts Bakery. I have no idea if it’s true – but I wouldn’t doubt it. In fact, it seems like they put most of their effort into restaurants, not customers.

I wasn’t overwhelmed by their hospitality – not very friendly and short with answers. One person was behind the counter just working on spread sheets. I made a big purchase and no one was friendly to me, until I started to go through each product and ask “what are your customer favorite flavors of xyz.” Also, when I arrived after they opened, they didn’t even have ice. No ice. No hot coffee (only cold brew and – wait for it, no ice). Maybe I came on a bad day. But, it’s hard to get excited about a gluten-free bakery and then experience less-than-stellar hospitality.

Their cupcakes were also very grainy, I would definitely not recommend them – however, the icing and sugar cookies were so good. I would 100% buy two sugar cookies made into a sandwich with that icing.

If you’re looking for their products, right now they only ship within the state of California.

Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles

Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles

Rising Hearts Bakery Los Angeles

I know that many of my readers recommended these products and this bakery to me when I told them I was visiting Los Angeles. Have you been to Rising Hearts Bakery in Los Angeles? What was the best thing you ate?

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  1. Kate Warfel September 13, 2018 at 1:36 pm Reply

    I love their everything bagels. They are the best gf bagels. I also like a cake they have that’s like a hostess cake. I’ve been to gf bakeries all over the US. And this one is one of my favorites.

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