DermaE Gluten Free Vegan Body Care Line


As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of DermaE. After years of using them, I finally became an affiliate (meaning if you click on these links and buy them I might get a few bucks). Not just because their name, DermaE, kind of sounds like my last name, but because of their superior products that are always plant based and free from gluten. I’ve already talked about the Essentials line on my blog if you want to learn about that line. This blog is all about their body care line. I’ll tell you about my three favorite gluten-free body care products from the┬áDermaE Body Care line!

DermaE Body Care Line

Soothing Relief Lotion
The Soothing Relief Lotion is less rich than hand cream, but soothing for itchy, dry skin. The chamomile is so soothing! This lotion also includes tea tree oil for antifungal properties.

Rosehip & Almond, Protecting Shea Hand and Cuticle Cream
The Rosehip and Almond Protecting Shea Hand and Cuticle Cream is so luxurious, thick – and thankfully – fast drying. It really helps my dry patches of skin on my hands and my cuticles that are so gnarly when they get too dry!

Psorzema® Cream
I love this cream for my terribly dry legs and elbows. I have patches of nevi on my legs that get super dry, and if the rest of my legs are dry, then the keratosis pilaris kick in too. This is so moisturizing and helps to keep me from itching and scratching away layers of skin.

If you have dry, patchy, scaly, itchy skin, try this line from DermaE!

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