Drag Queen Bingo at La Gattara Cat Cafe

Cat with Heart on it at La Gattara Cat Cafe

Drag Queen Bingo at the La Gattara Cat Cafe is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – bingo, played with cats at a cat cafe, with drag queens. Now, there’s no show – just a lively game of bingo where you can bring you own food and drinks (as long as they don’t interfere with the cats – or sneak them pork rinds, whatever).

Cat with Pork Rinds at La Gattara Cat Cafe

While the ladies pulling the balls were quite a treat, everyone was more excited about the entertainment on four legs. La Gattara houses adoptable cats that are all together, getting socialized, and ready for their next home with someone like you! While it’s fun to play around with kittens, the ultimate goal is to get everyone there adopted!

Non-GFBF made quite the friends at bingo! Even got a cat selfie! He’s known about the cat cafe since his friend adopted an amazing Flame Point Siamese cat at La Gattara when it first opened. You can follow his journey (yes, his name is Butter) at @ButterandMittens on Instagram.

Drag Queen Bingo at La Gattara Cat Cafe

Drag Queen Bingo at La Gattara Cat Cafe

The bingo is fun, of course, but the main entertainment is always the cats. I spent most of my time focused on trying to get a mini Terrible Murph to come hand out and play with me, instead of listening to bingo call outs, but I think that’s the point. I got to pet about 10 cats while I was there, although none wanted in my lap. What’s nice is that every time I’m in there, there are a different set of cats to choose from to hang out with! And believe me, if we could take another one home – we would. Especially the mini Mushu adorable tiny torie they have.

Drag Queen Bingo at La Gattara Cat Cafe

While I didn’t win a grand prize, I did win a raffle prize and got matching Cat Mom and Cat Dad cups because…of course we did. It was non-GFBF’s first time at the cat cafe, and I think it was a perfect time to meet the cafe, its cats, and engage in a little tom foolery with boudoir humor, drag queens, and gambling.

Drag Queen Bingo at La Gattara Cat Cafe

PS this cat is Charlie Chaplin is the cat mascot of the cafe. He belongs to the owner and is not available for adoption, just available for adoration.

You can find Drag Queen Bingo, and whatever else you want, on their event calendar. You can learn about these events on their Facebook page.

It’s $10.00 an hour to visit with the cats at the cafe, and you should make reservations in advance.

If you aren’t in the Phoenix area, at least follow them on Instagram for photos and videos of their adoptable cats!

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