Chocolate Frosted Bacon Fat Sugar Cookies

Every year, my gluten-free friend gfJules hosts the Gluten-Free Cookie Swap. This is an open recipe contest – where anyone can post their favorite gluten-free cookie recipe online. It doesn’t matter what kind of cookie it is, or what it’s made of. It just has to be made from a certified gluten-free flour! Of course, it’d be better if you use gfJules amazing gluten-free flours and mixes (PS I love them so much I’m an affiliate for her mixes)! I really wanted to make something with bacon. And I really wanted to use her awesome sugar cookie mix. So you know what I hadn’t seen much of before? Bacon sugar cookies. Especially bacon sugar cookies using bacon fat, the leftovers from making bacon. To be fair, I had one cookie and that was enough for me. But maybe you love bacon, or maybe you just like having fun when you bake. I had a ton of fun making these – with the thick smell of bacon AND sugar cookies baking in the oven. I think my neighbors were grossed out.

Chocolate Frosted Bacon Fat Sugar Cookies

aka fat and fabulous 

This recipe is: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free (if using subs), but definitely not vegan.

Bacon Fat Sugar Cookies

Do you love bacon? Sure you do. Unless you’re vegan, and then you’re more than welcome to try this recipe with vegan bacon (yes, that’s a thing – just make sure it’s gluten-free).

Is this a health food? That’s a hell no. Cookies are cookies – even if they’re gluten-free. Even if they contain more bacon than other ingredients.

Bacon Fat Sugar Cookies - all the ingredients you need

1 package of sugar-free paleo bacon (or just regular bacon if you’re into it, just make sure it’s gluten-free!) – will make 1 cup crumbled bacon + bacon fat
1 package of GF Jules Sugar Cookie Mix
½ cup bacon fat (sub for the shortening called for the in mix) – if you threw out the fat already, just use gluten-free shortening (like Spectrum)
1 egg or egg replacer (as called for in the mix)
¼ cup dairy-free milk + more as needed if mix is too dry (as called for in the mix)

Bacon Fat Sugar Cookies - Chop the Bacon

Prepare bacon, save bacon fat and set aside.
Once bacon has cooled, chop or crumble into small crumbles
Reserve two tablespoons of bacon to top after frosted
Prepare sugar cookie mix as called for, using bacon fat in lieu of shortening
Add the one cup crumbled bacon, minus bacon used for topping, into the mix
Flatten sugar cookies slightly once baked to prepare for frosting
Use vegan chocolate frosting once the cookies are cooled
Top with reserved chopped bacon.

Bacon Fat Sugar Cookies - Letting the Cookies rest before spreading frosting on top!

Enjoy – and remember to use this upcoming year to make a killer gluten-free cookie recipe to enter into the December 2018 Cookie Swap!

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