Gluten-Free Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Looking for gluten-free sunscreen? Looking for reef-safe sunscreen? You’re in luck – because Celiac and the Beast has partnered with DermaE and Goddess Garden as an ambassador to spread the gluten-free reef-safe sunscreen love. Love measured in SPF.

This blog post contains affiliate links for products that I truly believe in! 

What Is Reef Safe Sunscreen?

We’re getting rid of plastic straws. We’re using filters instead of buying plastic water bottles. We realize that we’re destroying the ocean with trash. But what about sunscreen – what harm could sunscreen do? Well, according to Delicious Living and many experts, a lot.

“People are waking up and recognizing that our lifestyles are having such a significant impact on the ocean that we can’t ignore it anymore,” says Vicki Nichols Goldstein, founder and executive director of the Inland Ocean Coalition and Colorado Ocean Coalition. “No matter where we live, if we can recognize our impact and that there are solutions, we have a chance to turn things around.”

…Approximately 14,000 tons of sunscreen, most of which is chemical sunscreen, enter waters around coral reefs each year, according to nonprofit research organization Haereticus Environmental Laboratory. Noticing declines in reefs since the 1980s (the Caribbean, for example, has lost at least 80 percent of its living reefs), the laboratory has spearheaded research to pinpoint the cause of these reef declines—and understand how to counteract them. What it’s finding is that one of the main culprits is oxybenzone, the primary chemical used in conventional sunscreens and which is found especially in many spray-on versions.

“The use of oxybenzone-containing products needs to be seriously deliberated in islands and areas where coral reef conservation is a critical issue,” says Craig Downs, PhD, executive director of the environmental lab Haereticus. “Any small effort to reduce oxybenzone pollution could mean that a coral reef survives a long, hot summer or that a degraded area recovers.”

Goldstein works with mineral sunscreen companies, such as Goddess Garden Organics, to raise awareness about the issue of ocean-harming sunscreens and believes that consumer awareness, coupled with research and conscious business, could create sea change for reefs.

For both the environmental and health reasons, more sunscreen manufacturers are turning to mineral alternative zinc oxide to replace common chemicals. And although you may see “Reef Safe” or “Reef Friendly” claims on labels, the terms are not regulated, making label-reading a must.

So what should you look for? As we can see in the photo above, taken at my local natural retailer, “reef-safe” is the buzz word of the day when it comes to sunscreen. However, it’s not regulated, so you really have to trust the company and read the ingredients, looking for “oxybenzone-free.”

What About Gluten-Free Sunscreen?

Is gluten found in sunscreen? Not often. I have yet to see sunscreen with gluten in it. Always check the sunscreen ingredients for anything questionable. Because it’s not a food, it’s not regulated by the FDA so it doesn’t have to disclose wheat or gluten. While you’re not eating it, you’re putting sunscreen on your face, and it could easily get into your mouth, nose or eyes. If you’re spraying on sunscreen, you can also breathe it into your mouth accidentally. Again, two safe brands are DermaE and Goddess Garden.

Goddess Garden Sunscreen

Goddess Garden Sunscreen

Goddess Garden Sunscreen

Check out the brand new DermaE Sun Protection Mineral Powder (SPF 30) by Ash Deleon (I Heart Makeup Art). I’m a DermaE affiliate!  DermaE Sun Protection Mineral Powder SPF 30

Time In the Sun Without Sunscreen? Learn How to Do a Skin Check for Skin Cancer!

Delicious Living has a lot of information about checking your skin. Make sure to perform regular skin checks just like you would with breast exams. I go to the dermatologist yearly to check on my current moles and make sure no scary things pop up. I stay out of the sun as much as I can, but I used to use a tanning bed in college and had years of terrible sun exposure. You can also learn more about melanoma on Delicious Living – a common type of skin cancer. If you’re concerned about skin cancer, visit a dermatologist and learn more at – the Skin Cancer Foundation.



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