My Favorite Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipes

If you know me, you know that I can’t bake. I mean, I can follow a recipe (sort of), but making my own recipes? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

That’s why I lean on my amazing gluten-free blogger friends with their culinary skills and wisdom to help a girl out in the kitchen.

It’s national sugar cookie day, but honestly, I enjoy sugar cookies ANY day of the year. While you may think that sugar cookies are just reserved for the holidays, I think they’re the perfect cookie base for any celebration. All you need is a good recipe, a good cookie cutter, and some awesome decorations – like frosting, sprinkles, and food coloring.

Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipes

Flippin’ Delicious Gluten-Free Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars (contains dairy, egg can easily be made vegan)

For my birthday, Brianna made me these and sent them to me! She’s so flippin’ adorable!

gfJules Cut Out Sugar Cookies (vegan) using gfJules Gluten-Free Cut-Out Cookie MIx

This mix is super easy to use! You can purchase gfJules sugar cookie mix on Amazon in my Influencer favorites list!

GFJules Sugar Cookie Mix

My Gluten-Free Kitchen Chewy Sugar Cookies (contains dairy, egg)

This Vivacious Life Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies (contains nuts, dairy, egg)

Natural Gluten-Free Frosting

Simple Mills vanilla and chocolate frosting canisters are delicious! They’re available at major natural food chains like Whole Foods and Sprouts. You can usually buy them online, but they don’t ship during the hot summer months (for good reason).

Wholesome! Sweeteners launched three gluten-free dairy-free frosting canisters, including vanilla, chocolate, and wild white strawberry.

Natural Food Coloring

ColorKitchen and Color Garden are two brands of awesome gluten-free and celiac-safe dyes.

You can purchase them using my Amazon affiliate link below!

Color Garden

Natural Sprinkles

I absolutely love the naturally-colored (no artificial dye) sprinkles from ColorKitchen! While they may not be as vibrant as other gluten-free sprinkles that are full of artificial dyes, these are made from vegetable dyes and I think they’re adorable! You can purchase them using my Amazon affiliate link below!


Color Garden also makes gluten-free sugar crystals (aka sprinkles) that are free from dyes. They come in red, orange, yellow, green and blue and are available online at

Any tried and true gluten-free sugar cookie recipes to add to the list? Comment below!

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