Gluten-Free Disney Springs: Morimoto Asia

At the recent Gluten Intolerance Group’s #GFTeenSummit, I was in Disney Springs for four days. While I thought I could survive only on Erin McKenna’s NYC Bakery, sigh, I could not. I could only eat so many tea cakes in a day before I went into some sort of coma. On one of our night’s, there weren’t any dairy-free options, so I decided to take a short walk to Disney Springs to grab something. While I was initially headed to D-Luxe burger (I’ll write about that soon), I stumbled upon Morimoto Asia first (okay, I was totally lost).

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

The line was crazy long to get it, as it always is in Disney Springs without reservations, but I decided to go inside and just check. She said she didn’t have room for me, but if I wanted take out, I had to go to the quick-service take-out that was attached to the building, outside. I got in line, but realized that the menu was totally different than the gluten-free menu inside. It had noodle dishes that were totally unsafe. I went back inside and told the host that I was gluten-free and that I needed to order from the regular menu, but only to-go. She told me I could do that at the bar. WHEW, what a crazy adventure just to get some safe food. Thankfully, the wait at the bar was quick!

This is your regular reminder that if you want to eat at a sit-down restaurant in Disney Springs without a super long wait, you must make a reservation well in advance.

The bartender who took my order used to be a server at Raglan Road, so she was already familiar with celiac disease and the needs of a gluten-free customer. Was I lucky, or what? It’s so nice to head to a place where servers are so well-versed in allergy ordering! PS you can see their gluten-free only menu online.

Morimoto Asia Disney Springs Menu

Looking at the menu, I was impressed that they offered more than just sushi rolls. Had I more time on my hands, I would have explored the menu deeper and ordered some interesting things like the fried rice or chicken wings.When I have a craving for sushi, however, it’s hard to think about anything else. The second I walked into Morimoto, I knew that sushi was exactly what I wanted. THOSE SUSHI ROLLS!

I got a spicy tuna roll, a California roll, and a vegetable roll. They were all made with high-quality sushi and I was excited to find California rolls made with real crab – not imitation crab (that contains wheat) with an insane upcharge to get the real thing.

Morimoto Asia Disney Springs Menu Morimoto Asia Disney Springs

I would definitely recommend getting sushi at Morimoto Asia, if you get a chance to snag a reservation. I wouldn’t recommend eating at the crowded and noisy bar, unless you have to get allergen-friendly take-out. Definitely get a bottle of the gluten-free soy sauce for your order too!

Morimoto Asia Disney Springs

This is just another reason not to overlook Disney Springs as part of your Walt Disney World vacation! Disney Springs offers many gluten-free and celiac-safe options!



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