Red Apple Lipstick Summer 2019 Lipstick Collection

Red Apple Lipstick just launched their summer 2019 gluten-free lipstick collection and it’s a beauty! The Kissabilities collection from Red Apple Lipstick includes Red Apple Red, Kissimmee, Let’s Flamingle, Day After Morocco, and Oh Snapdragon! Let’s check out the full collection below!

Gluten-Free Lipstick

Did you know that some lipstick contains gluten? Wheat germ oil is a pretty common type of gluten that’s in creamy spreadable cosmetics – like lip balm and lipstick. Always check your current makeup to make sure you’re not putting any gluten on your lips, where it can be easily digested.

These gluten-free lipsticks from Red Apple Lipstick are all 100% gluten-free and vegan. Many of their formulations are also nut-free as well (except Red Apple Red, that contains almond oil)! They’re made with high-quality ingredients for moisturizing and long-lasting color. I am proud to be sponsored by Red Apple Lipstick!

Red Apple Lipstick Kissabilities Collection 2019
Photo courtesy of Red Apple Lipstick

Red Apple Lipstick Kissabilities Collection

The summer collection is bright and vibrant with fun orange, pink, and purple undertones. Check out this gluten-free lipstick swatch on my (very pale) forearm. These are in alphabetical order:

  • Day After Morocco (coral undertones)
  • Kissimmee (pink)
  • Let’s Flamingle (coral undertones)
  • Oh Snapdragon (blue/lavender undertones)
  • Red Apple Red (signature red – contains almonds)
Red Apple Lipstick Kissabilities 2019
2019 Kissabilities Collection from Red Apple Lipstick

This Kissabilities Collection launch is just one part of the Red Apple Lipstick family of products. I absolutely am loving their primer and mascara! I can’t go a day without it! The primer is used on my eyelid for long-lasting eyeshadow wear, and under the eyes to cover up baggage after long flights.

Of course, my signature lip color is bright red, so I’m pumped with the re-launch of their Red Apple Red!

Check out these lipsticks and more on Red Apple Lipstick online. That’s the best place for you to order any Red Apple Lipstick products. Their shipping is quick and safe! If you live in Phoenix where it’s blazing hot, just pop them into the fridge after they are delivered for a few hours.

You can use my discount code “CATB” when ordering for 22% off your order over $50. Put a few lipsticks in your cart, add in The Lash Project mascara, and put in my code to save big.


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