Best Gluten-Free Donuts

National Donut Day is honestly every day if you’re me. I absolutely love donuts – always have always will. Unfortunately, celiac disease got in my way. A great gluten-free donut is hard to find. But I’ve tried almost all of them. Here are my favorites – the best gluten-free donuts.

Best Gluten-Free Donuts Found on Store Shelves

For gluten-free donuts in a grocery store, you’ll have to look inside a freezer. That’s right, frozen donuts are what we have available – but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. Frozen donuts just require a little more prep work, like defrosting in advance, or using the microwave. Although, don’t let desperation stop you from eating a frozen donut. God knows I have done that way too many times to count. Two contenders fight it out in grocery store freezers – Kinnikinnick and Katz Gluten Free. Both have their winners in their own flavors and categories. I’ve broken it down for you.


Definitely buy their maple donuts – they are the best thing that Kinnikinnick puts out. However, their soft baked donuts are not as good, and something you can easily do at home with a good donut recipe and silicone donut baking pan. Save your money and go for their traditional donuts.

Since Kinnikinnick is in Canada, they have a $50 minimum shipping order to the USA, if you can’t find them in a store near you.

Katz Gluten Free

Katz Gluten Free was the first donut I had after my celiac diagnosis, so it has a soft spot in my heart. But also, these donuts are incredible. The donut texture, the dough, the glaze. Everything is right about these – but yes, still frozen. I would skip the seasonal flavors like gingerbread (although the pumpkin isn’t bad), and stick with their primary donut flavors – glazed, chocolate, and powdered. These are the first jelly donuts I had tasted since diagnosis too – and their formula has improved since then. And yes, Katz ships. Just be mindful that Katz shuts down operations and shipping for Jewish holidays, so you might run into some blackout dates.

Freedom Gluten Free

Freedom Gluten Free is an often-talked about brand in gluten-free donuts. Sadly, they are limited by their current distribution. They are mainly found in retailers in the Northeast, but also some Sprouts locations. Guys, run out and buy these if you have them near you. Worth every penny.

Freedom Gluten Free Old Fashioned Gluten Free Donuts

Best Gluten-Free Donuts Found in Bakeries

I’ve been pretty lucky to travel across the country to visit gluten-free bakeries far and wide.

I’ve got to hand it to Portland, Oregon – once again – for having the best selection of gluten-free donuts in bakeries. You can find donuts at Kyra’s Bake Shop (two locations), Gluten Free Gem, Back to Eden Bakery, and New Cascadia Traditional.

Click here to see more of my favorite gluten-free bakeries in Portland!

Kyra’s Bake Shop

You know i’ve got mad love for Kyra’s Bake Shop. I’ve been a super fan since it was called Crave (that dates me – here’s a super old post from 2012 that hasn’t been updated to prove how loyal I was even back then!). These maple donuts are SO good – so sweet, but daaaaang! A must buy if you’re in the area!

Gluten Free Gem

Another “gem” of a bakery in Portland, OR. While Gluten Free Gem is small, they’ve got a great selection of products, including baked donuts in fun and often funky flavors. Keep in mind about half of their products contain dairy, but allergens are easily marked by different “gems” on the labels!

Back to Eden Bakery

Back to Eden is a dedicated gluten-free and vegan restaurant and bakery in Portland, OR. I absolutely adore their products – and they ship some of their mixes too! While they are currently closed due to the pandemic, I hope that you support them by purchasing their mixes. Their scone and biscuit mix is the best!

New Cascadia Traditional

While I’ve been enamoured with New Cascadia Traditional’s bagels and baguettes (yes, they ship their breads!) they recently launched gluten-free fried donuts. While they do contain dairy, they look like the real thing!

Annie May’s Sweet Cafe – Louisville, KY

Annie May’s Sweet Cafe is a real gem, found in Louisville, KY – and now in Newton, MA. I love all of their food-allergy-friendly pastries from their dedicated gluten-free bakery. But their donuts? So good. While not a staple, you must get them when they’re around!

You can find out more about Annie May’s Sweet Cafe and other great gluten-free bakeries that ship to your front door!

Erin McKenna’s – LA/Disney Springs

Erin McKenna’s – found in both Los Angeles, and in Orlando, FL in Disney Springs, has incredible baked donuts. Check out my Disney Springs featured post to learn more about Erin McKenna’s!

Pushkin’s Bakery – Sacramento, CA

The best gluten-free bakery donuts, outside of Portland OR, are found at Pushkins Bakery, in Sacramento, CA (and in Roseville, CA as well). From glazed to powdered to donut holes. These donuts are a can’t miss if you’re in the capital of California! They earned a spot on the “Best Things I Ate in 2019” blog post!

Hell Yeah Gluten Free – Atlanta, GA

One of the best gems in my trips across the USA was found in Atlanta, GA. Hell Yeah Gluten Free had an incredible assortment of gluten-free pastries that blew my mind. One of these were these great donut holes. You can eat your weight in pastries from Hell Yeah Gluten Free. Note: some contain dairy.

Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe – Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking for the most legit fried donuts in Phoenix, you’ve got to go to Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe. You can’t miss the fried popcorn chicken and donuts. These can be made dairy-free too!

Your Favorite Gluten-Free Donuts?

Have I missed a gluten-free bakery that makes out of this world donuts? Have a small gluten-free donut bakery near you? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Kimberly McNultt June 5, 2020 at 9:54 am Reply
  2. Kimberly McNulty June 5, 2020 at 9:54 am Reply
  3. Kate O’Brien June 5, 2020 at 9:21 pm Reply

    Vin-Chet Bakery in Buffalo NY is a dedicated gluten free bakery. Cookies, coffee cakes and yes!! Doughnuts! Their business has grown so much you can find frozen yummies in grocery stores like wegmans and Tops.

  4. Kate O’Brien June 5, 2020 at 9:23 pm Reply

    Kith and Kin Bakeshop outside of Buffalo, NY near Lockport is a dedicated restaurant and bakery. Everything is fantastic from doughnuts, pastry hearts, cream puffs (yes!!) and so many other baked goods!!

  5. Scott June 11, 2020 at 2:20 pm Reply

    Katz hands down the best

  6. Laurel June 13, 2020 at 4:58 am Reply

    Rise Authentic Baking Co in Grand Rapids, MI has AMAZING donuts. My two favorites are their apple fritters and chocolate with sprinkles. They also have incredible cinnamon rolls!!! Everything they make is GF and vegan. 💗

  7. Susan June 13, 2020 at 5:57 pm Reply

    Yes on the Maple! Delish! I’ve had Freedom and they are amazing! But $6.49 for 6 oz. Pricey. Cost more on Amazon. But great splurge! I buy only when on sale. Katz cinnamon sugar holes (I warm them up) with snicker doodle So Delicious Cashew milk! You’re welcome.

  8. Stacy June 29, 2020 at 8:24 am Reply

    Do-rite has the best GF donuts!

  9. Stephanie July 12, 2020 at 12:18 am Reply

    The holy donut in Portland Maine!

  10. Angela Seay-Clark February 18, 2021 at 12:13 pm Reply

    Since I have been gluten free I’ve had trouble finding good gluten free bread that I like.

  11. unabis April 12, 2021 at 7:06 am Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. Recently, my little 5-year-old son was diagnosed with a food allergy. And guess what exactly it was? Gluten, of course. I never realized how much this could turn our lives. After all, it always seemed to us that this allergy isn’t so common. Especially when we talk about small children, but this affected our family and now we are learning to live according to new rules. But donuts are one of his favorite treats and now I get to know where you can get safe sweets for him.

  12. Jake April 14, 2022 at 7:42 pm Reply

    Hi! Have you found anyone who makes fresh deep-fried yeast glazed doughnuts that are gluten free? Like if Krispy Crème was gluten free?

    • Erica Dermer April 25, 2022 at 7:37 pm Reply

      There are several places that make fried yeasted donuts, but they cannot ship! Such a bummer!

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