The Best Gluten-Free Sourdough

I’ve traveled a lot across the USA and, because of my passion for carbs, I’ve tasted a lot of gluten-free bread. Sourdough is a hard thing to find once you go gluten-free. You’ve got to start with a gluten-free sourdough starter and put love, care (and more effort than I have time for) to cultivate the starter that brings this fermented, deliciousness to your bread. But there’s hope – there are lots of delicious sourdough breads out there! I’ve put together a list of my favorite gluten-free sourdough breads and the best gluten-free sourdough available!

The Best Gluten-Free Sourdough


I love Bread SRSLY! I’m proud to be an ambassador for the brand. Because I’m obsessed with their sourdough. It ranks number one as the best gluten-free sourdough available to purchase! Remember, use my unique coupon code “celiacandthebeast” for $5 off your first purchase on all Bread SRSLY orders.

Bread SRSLY is certified gluten free and certified vegan. They are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Not only do they have sourdough, they they also offer seeded sourdough, sweet onion sourdough, buns, and dinner rolls. But nothing can compare to their classic loaf – it’s perfect. Their bread is thick and yeasty, and flavorful – everything you love about homemade sourdough. When I eat Bread SRSLY sourdough, I prefer it to be the star of the show, like topped with butter or jam, not playing second fiddle in a sandwich.

Price: A 3 pack is sold for $37.00.

Ingredients: Organic White Rice Flour, Organic Millet Flour, Organic Sorghum Flour, Arrowroot, Sourdough Starter (Water, Organic Sorghum Flour), Xanthan Gum, Kosher Salt

Really Great Gluten-Free Sourdough

Zukkee Kitchen Sourdough Toasting Bread

I had a few loaves of Zukkee Kitchen sourdough toasting bread sent to my house to sample several years ago. I love this bread. It’s probably the bread that tastes the most like Bread SRSLY out of all the competitors. They’re out of Southern California, and you can catch them at farmer’s markets in the area – or simply buy online!

Cost: 2 loaves for $24.00

Ingredients: organic sourdough starter, water, organic sorghum flour, arrowroot flour, millet flour, organic brown rice flour, xanthan gum, salt.

Loaf of Zukkee Kitchen sourdough bread in packaging on a rug

Young Kobras Gluten-Free Sourdough

I met Young Kobras at a San Francisco Nourished Festival in 2019. They remind me of Bread SRSLY, although their loves are smaller. These loves are made in San Fran – much like Bread SRLY – and available in original, fig walnut, olive herb, and seeded buckwheat flavors. Young Kobras are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Cost: 4 loaves for $45.00 including free shipping

Ingredients: The original loaf contains GF flour (sorghum flour, millet flour, cassava flour), starter (water, brown rice flour), psyllium husk, and sea salt.

Promise Gluten Free

Promise Gluten Free is straight out of Ireland. I met their team at a gluten-free trade show where they introduced me to the brand and promoted that they were finally selling in the USA. I was blown away by their packaged sourdough. They are made to be baked on site – in a store or in the home. Their rosemary and olive oil sourdough was so good. Tasty and chewy and fragrant. They also offer a rustic sourdough as well. They are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

Cost: not available to ship, check your local Albertsons or Shop-Rite for Promise Gluten Free Products.

Ingredients: Water, Tapioca Starch, Yeast, Rice Flour, Maize Starch, Psyllium Husk Powder, Egg White Powder, Wholegrain Maize Flour, Sugar Cane Fiber, Potato Starch, Buckwheat Flour, Sugar, Xanthan Gum (Thickener), Guar Gum (Thickener); Spirit Vinegar, Canola Oil, Rice Starch, Concentrated Grape Juice, Iodised Salt (Salt, Potassium Iodate), Cassava Flour, Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator), Sodium Carbonate (Acidity Regulator); Rice Bran.

Arise Bakery Gluten-Free Sourdough Boule

Arise Bakery is a dedicated gluten-free bakery in Humbolt County, California. Their sourdough boules are made in a facility that processes common food allergens (excluding gluten and peanuts).

Cost: $9.00

Ingredients: Filtered water, GF flour (millet, tapioca, potato starch, buckwheat), wild yeast starter (filtered water, brown rice flour), flax meal, sunflower seed meal, psyllium husk, salt.

New Grains Gluten-Free San Francisco-Style Sourdough Bread

While I love New Grains for their frosted pink vegan sugar cookies, their sourdough is a second. Their San Fran-style sourdough is really good for a mass-produced sourdough. It’s more bread-y than the thick yeasty sourdoughs above. Easier on your jaw, for sure!

Cost: $9.75

Ingredients: White rice flour, Water, Eggs, Tapioca flour, Sugar, Potato flour, Palm fruit oil, Yeast, Psyllium husk powder, Vinegar, Sea salt, Xanthan gum, Powdered sugar, Enzyme.

Simple Kneads Gluten Free Sourdough

Simple Kneads Gluten-Free Sourdough is another great mass-produced sourdough loaf. Again, it’s not as yeasty as the homemade style loaves like Bread SRSLY or Young Kobras. These are better for stacked-high sandwiches.

Cost: A case of 4 loaves is $34.99.

Ingredients; Water, Millet Flour, Sorghum Flour, Teff Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Quinoa Flour, Psyllium Seed Husk Powder, Expeller Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil, Raisin Juice Concentrate, Flax Meal, Salt, Sunflower Seeds, Cultured Dextrose.

If you’re stuck at home and you’re looking for more great gluten-free products, visit Celiac and the Beast’s Best Gluten-Free Bakeries That Ship!

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