Best New Gluten-Free Breakfast Finds at Expo West 2020

As you know by now, this year’s Expo West never really happened. But the products are still launching. Businesses are still carrying on (at least most of them). And you are about to see some of these products on store shelves (if you’re choosing to venture out with a mask), or in online stores soon. Check out my choices for best new gluten-free breakfast finds at Expo West 2020.

For many people, breakfast means eggs. But I haven’t eaten eggs for breakfast for years. In fact, I’ve eaten more Just Eggs than actual eggs! Just keeps innovating, with the launch of these frozen folded plant-based eggs. These are perfect for egg-free breakfast sandwiches!

If you can eat eggs, get excited by these delicious treats from Feel Good Foods! They just launched a line of breakfast pockets, filled with eggs and a variety of ingredients like potatoes, cheese, chorizo and bacon. Bonus – they also have a tofu egg-free and dairy-free pocket for you vegans!

Omelet Bar

Continuing on the egg-as-breakfast staples, two pre-made egg bites are from Vital Farms and Scramblers. While Scramblers was not an exhibitor at Expo West (that didn’t happen), they are a great new product that can rival any egg-based Expo West 2020 launch.

Cup4Cup Muffin Mix

I was introduced to the Cup4Cup muffin mix last year at the Gluten-Free Bloggers Retreat in Napa. While the launch is a year old, it’s still one of their newest product and I’m just now seeing this mix on store shelves. This is an incredible muffin mix. A must buy.

Schar launched several new US items at Expo West 2020. These are their new shelf-stable bagels made with corn, rice, and buckwheat. They are chewy, and I love the addition of buckwheat! They are now available on their website in plain and cinnamon raisin.

Purely Elizabeth Pancake Mix

Purely Elizabeth, on the heels of cauliflower grain-free “oatmeal” launch of last year, debuted grain-free pancake mixes made with tigernut (not made from real tigers or Carol Baskin’s husband), coconut, and almond flour. I can’t wait to try these!

One of the most exciting launches in breakfast is from a bone broth company. You read that right. Who ever thought someone would make waffles with bone broth? Osso Good did! They offer these paleo waffles in their Los Angeles restaurant. I’m already in love with Osso Good bone broth soups. (affiliate link)

I connected with Josie’s Best after the cancellation of Expo West. Out of Oregon, Josie’s Best offers waffle, pancake, crepes, and muffin mixes. I already blazed through their mixes (but saved a few for a giveaway). Always happy to meet small producers making gluten-free products.

I’m so happy to have another alternative to those pesky Rice Krispies that aren’t gluten free (hello malt!). Zego Foods partnered with another one of my favorite brands – Lotus Foods – for these organic black rice crispies cereal. I can’t wait to make black rice crispie treats when the full sized boxes come into production! I love being a Zego Foods partner. (affiliate link to Zego Food’s other products)

IBY Spread

I received a shipment from IBY foods of their brazil nut milk (contains oats), and their brazil nut-based spreads. I’m excited to try these spreads that are labeled gluten free. I do love my collection of strange nut butters (chickpea, walnuts, etc.). However, I did have to use Google Translate app to read the ingredients on the milks. If you haven’t tried this app, it’s bonkers and such a great resource from Google.

While the reactions from friends and family about the idea of chickpea butter was not positive, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It actually tastes more like seed butter than hummus (which is what nonGFBF though it tastes like?!?!). The Amazing Chickpea offers chickpea butter in several varieties including chunky and chocolate. They’ll also be launching a Chickpea Butter Cookie Mix and Brownie Mix soon.

Bakery on Main Grain-Free Clusters

Grain-free granola is the new granola. Almost all granola makers are hopping aboard the paleo-friendly or grain-free trend, using seeds and nuts as an oat substitute. While Purely Elizabeth is one of the OG’s of grain-free granola, brands like Seven Sundays and Bakery on Main have recently launched grain-free lines.

If you’re looking for more Expo West 2020 finds from the greatest show that never happened, check out my blog post about the best Expo West 2020 pasta finds!

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