Best New Gluten-Free Pasta Products of Expo West 2020

As you probably already know, this year’s Expo West never really happened. But the products are still launching. Businesses are still carrying on (at least most of them). And you are about to see some of these products on store shelves and freezers (if you’re choosing to venture out with a mask), or in online stores soon. Check out my choices for best new gluten-free pasta products at Expo West 2020.

Gluten-Free Veggie Pasta

Sometimes, we have to be sneaky with vegetables. Literally, I try to hide them in everything just to make sure non-GFBF gets in his daily amount of greens. He’s gotten to the point of asking “does this have cauliflower in it?!?!” every time something is covered in a sauce. I think he’s catching on to me.

Using lentils is one thing, but zucchini and sweet potato? These are new iterations from Veggie Craft Farms. These pastas use pea flour, lentil flour, and sweet potato flours (or zucchini flour) for their three ingredient pasta. They also offer pasta made with cauliflower flour – because of course they do.

The white pasta from Cybele’s Free to Eat has always been my favorite. It’s something about parsnip that I love in a pasta – which is a statement I never thought anyone in the world would make. But now, Cybele has launched shells! You can have the same pasta you love in a new shape. They’re only available on Thrive Market and Amazon currently.

Grain-Free Pasta

Chickpea pasta was so 2017. Well, 2017 until 2020. Sadly, during this pandemic, chickpea pasta was the only things left on store shelves in almost every store I visited to scavenge for pasta. Apparently some people just aren’t desperate enough for chickpea pasta. In 2020, it’s the year of cassava-based pasta – and I think it’s going to be a hit!

Otto’s Naturals is synonymous with cassava flour. Their cassava flour is perfect for grain-free baking and cooking. I’ve been using their flour for making grain-free cookies. I can’t wait to try their cassava flour pasta – it’s JUST cassava!

Jovial is such an amazing pasta company. I’m in love with their bowtie pasta and manicotti. I’m excited to try their new grain-free cassava-based pasta, in a variety of shapes.

Technically Cappello’s grain-free spaghetti made its debut at Expo East 2019, but it would have been a superstar of Expo East 2020. I still have yet to see it on shelves. Cappello’s also launched several new grain-free almond flour pizza varieties at Expo West 2020.

Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Pasta

The pasta I’m most excited about this year is actually a ravioli. But gluten-free ravioli is not new. Several brands are making it – including mainstream brands. But a vegan dairy-free gluten-free ravioli? I’ve been waiting for this one!

You might know Taste Republic from my other round-ups of Natural Products Expo on Instagram. One of my favorite finds from an earlier show was their plantain pasta (that I still haven’t found). I can’t wait to get my hands on Taste Republic’s plant-based ravioli. And it just won a NEXTY award for 2020! This needs to get in my grocery store ASAP.

Which pasta are you most excited to see at a store near you?

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  1. Jane Liedtke April 10, 2020 at 11:00 am Reply

    We have at our local Lincolnville General Store, town of 2,000, Capellos fettuccini and Gnocchi. Just had some last night!

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